Quality Mold Testing

Quality Mold Testing is an environmental assessment company that specializes in mold inspections, asbestos inspections and lead-based hazard inspections. Our staff is fully licensed and insured in the state of Florida. As leading industry professionals, we are trained to meet the highest specifications. By using advanced technology our team conducts residential and commercial inspections and provide top quality, accurate results.

Why you may need a property inspection
Our proactive solutions can also help you prevent and control future contamination within your property.

Exposure to hazardous substances can lead to serious health risk including:

Respiratory Complications

Brain Damage


Central Nervous System Damage

Kidney Failure




The Quality Mold Testing Process

We are a company that believes in complete transparency. Our assessments involve thorough visual testing, as well as testing surface samples collected during a walk through inspection. Samples are then sent to an accredited lab that meets all industry standards. With your lab results, we offer detailed reports explaining what we have found. Based on that data, we develop strategic solutions and advice on the proper hazard removal steps.

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At Quality Mold Testing, we have experience with all types of structures and situations to perform both residential and commercial services. If you need a property inspection,

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